Watch Predators 2010 Online – The new predators movie which has recently been released is currently one of the hottest movies out and its definately worth a watch and if your thinking about watching it or you would like to find out what its about then read on as i will give you a quick intro.

A group of the best soldiers from all around the globe have been selected and put together and are then all thrown into a jungle where they then have 2 choices, fight for there survival or get slaughtered by the predators. These predators are similiar to previous predator movies but have also some what evolved into more powerful, intelligent killing machines.

The human soldiers not only have to survive from the predators but from other dangerous predators that are lurking in the shadows as well. With no where to hide and unsure about who to trust the human soldiers must use all of there combat experience and work as a team if they are to survive for one night. Predators is an action packed movie with plenty of action and fight scenes, although not as good as some of the other predator movies this one is certainly worth a watch.